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Why Buy Our Course Materials

  • We provide packages that are highly effective and interactive

  • We have been developing target specific skills and attitude using innovative target models

Can I Copy and Edit The Course Material and Use Them to Train and Develop Others?

  • You have complete freedom to use the training material. You can copy, edit and duplicate the material as often as you need

  • NB(Please note that we do not allow online, or offline re-sale of our training material as is or in any other electronic formal. Our programmes are created for trainers to use in a delivering instructor lead training)

When Do I Receive The Course Material I Buy From Your Site?

  • As soon as we process your payment, we will send you an order confirmation by email that includes instruction and links for downloading the product /package, so you receive your purchase immediately within seconds

What is Included In The Training Course Package

QCTO Packages SAQA Qualification
Knowledge modules Core, electives, and fundamentals
Practical modules Learner guide, facilitator guide POE guide
Workplace modules Assessor guide, moderator guide, Alignment, formative and summative

In What Format are The Course Materials

  • You can receive the files as word MS Word document so that you can edit them.

How Easy is it to Edit and Customize The Training Material to Suit My Training Needs?

  • All our training material and training course are easily customizable. There is no restriction on changing or customize your purchased material. To make that easy for you, our course is structured as independent modules and key learning points that can stand alone as individual learning points

Can I See a Sample of Your Course Material?

  • You select a module in the material

How Secure is Buying From This Website?

  • We take our customer’s security very seriously. We use dedicated website security services that ensures our site is always free from fraud attacks

What Payment Forms and Methods Do You Accept

  • All major credit and debtor cards.

Can I Request An Invoice to My Company Name?

  • Certainly, please and we will send an invoice in your company name

What will I receive when I purchase your training course material?

  • You will receive everything you need to run a stand-alone session at the minimum of effort. Our training resources have been carefully development to ensure you can deliver your course in the relaxed knowledge.

Will I receive anything in the post

  • No, all training course material are sent purely via email, this allows you to edit, update, add logos and print out the materials as required.

I have not received my training material, where are they

  • In a small number of cases the email at training material gets filtered and up in your junk email folder

What rights for use of the training material do I have?

  • You have complete rights to use the material that you have purchased from Prospen Learning. You may copy as many workbooks as required for participants on as many trainings session as you can to run and care to use the material as may tunes as you require them. However, you may not copy the whole or any part of the material for the redistribution of sales

Can you create a specific course material for me?

  • We keep the cost of our training course material down by creating off the shelf generic materials that we sell for all. Although we can often assist which designing custom made material, we do advise that the cost this service is much higher than our website.

  • All right reserved. No part of the material sold on this website and protected by this copyright notice may be sold or provided free without written permission from copyright owner.

I am a training provider can I use your training material?

  • Yes, in fact many training providers are using our material to provide training for clients. Our advice is to adapt the material to meet the specific needs and demands of your training audience.

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