Any SDP or companies who offering training – or who wants to provide training, getting an accreditation is considered a prerequisite before you are allowed to conduct QCTO learning programmes and must comply with the minimum criteria for accreditation.

QCTO Accreditation Process:

Getting Started

You must provide the following supporting documents:

  1.  Company Registration Certificate
  2.  Tax Clearance Certificate or evidence of exemption
  3.  Business Plan
  4.  Financial Surety
  5.  Audited Financial Statements
  6.  Occupational Health and Safety Certificate
  7.  CV, Certified Copy of ID and qualification certificate of facilitator(s)

Our service offering includes:

  • Complete the online Application form and submit it to the QCTO.
  • Full evaluation of your current tacit quality management system to determine what policies and procedures are needed to comply with the requirements of QCTO.
  • Design and compile your full QMS, including all necessary policies and procedures required for accreditation.
  • Design of review mechanisms to ensure that your QMS is regularly monitored and updated so that quality management is a process of continuous improvement within changing environments and objectives. 
  • Outsourcing facilitators, assessors and Moderators.
  • Provide SAQA aligned training manuals from our shelf list.
  • Deal with the SQCTO for clarification and attend to all remediations on learning material and other queries during the Accreditation process.
  • Pre-Site visit consultation for preparation of training premises to ensure compliance with QCTO requirements.
  • Submission of the entire application at the relevant QCTO for accreditation purposes.

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